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  • Battenhouse, Holly, M.S.
  • Biostatistician
  • Research Instructor, Department of Public Health Sciences
  • College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Phone: 843-876-1114
  • Fax: 843.876.1923
  • Email: battenho@musc.edu
  • Experience: Phase II-III clinical trials; drugs and device trials
  • Research: Retrospective cohort studies, clinical trial design and analysis
  • Projects: Neurological Emergencies, Acute Liver Failure, Neurointerventional Surgery


  • Battenhouse H
  • Transitioning Data Management Systems During an Ongoing Study.
  • Society for Clinical Trials Annual Meeting, May 2013, Boston, MA. Oral presentation.
  • Perlmutter A, Battenhouse H, Conner C, Dillon C, Elm J, Pauls K, Zhao W.
  • Adjudication of Safety Outcomes in a Web-Based Clinical Trial Management System.
  • Society for Clinical Trials Annual Meeting, May 2012, Miami, FL
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