• Logan Sirline, MPH
  • STEP Project Director
  • Program Manager I, Department of Public Health Sciences
  • College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Fax: 843-876-1923
  • Email: sirline@musc.edu
  • Experience:
    Population Health, Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs
  • Research:
    HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, TBI, Program Implementation
  • Projects:
    STEP, StrokeNet, DISPLACE, MiSLE

  • Joseph Broderick, Jordan Elm, L. Janis, Wenle Zhao, Claudia Moy, Catherine Dillon, Marc Chimowitz, Ralph Sacco, Steve Cramer, Steven Wolf, Karen Johnston, Jeffrey Saver, Randolph Marshall, Devin Brown, Max Wintermark, Mitchell Elkind, Hooman Kamel, David Tirschwell, W.T. Longstreth, Jr., Ronald Chervin, Opeolu Adeoye, Andrew Barreto, James Grotta, Sharon Ramey, Warren Lo, Wuwei Feng, Gottfried Schlaug, Kevin Sheth, Magdy Selim, Andrew Naidech, Maarten Lansberg, Ronald Lazar, Gregory Albers, Jessica Griffin, Logan Sirline, Jamey Frasure, Clinton Wright, and Pooja Khatri Group Authorship: NIH StrokeNet Investigators.
  • NIH StrokeNet During the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond.
  • STROKE/2020/030417R1.

  • Accelerating Evidence Generation through Quality by Design.
  • SCT Workshop Moderator. May 2021.
  • Innovations in Academic Data Analysis and Coordinating Centers- Improving Quality through Collaboration.
  • SCT - Society for Clinical Trials. May 2021. Invited speaker-panel.
  • Improving Quality and Controlling Costs in Clinical Trials using Responsive Survey Design.
  • SCT Webinar Moderator. March 2021.
  • New Educational Initiative to Enhance TCD Implementation: Results from the DISPLACE Study.
  • SCDAA - Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Baltimore, MD. 2019.
  • Invited speaker presenting: Implementation of an Innovative Lab Kit & Bio-sample Specimen Tracking within a Clinical Trial Management System.
  • SCT - Society for Clinical Trials. New Orleans, LA. May 2019.
  • MUSC DISPLACE Phase 1 Trial.
  • ASH – American Society of Hematology. San Diego, CA. December 2018.
  • Ohio Safety Conference & Medical Health Symposium.
  • Columbus, OH. March 10-11 2016.
  • Presented senior thesis research at FUN Poster Session. Presented BW Neuroscience Lab research.
  • Society for Neuroscience. San Diego, CA. November 2013.
  • Presented senior thesis research.
  • Midwestern Great Lakes Undergraduate Research Symposium (mGluRs). Crawfordsville, IN. September 2013.
  • Flew aboard NASA’s Weightless Wonder conducting research analyzing the chemical properties of various liquid bridges.
  • NASA - Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. Johnson Space Center. Houston, TX. July 2013.
  • Presented BW Neuroscience Lab research focused on ketamine and senior thesis research on Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Society for Neuroscience. New Orleans, LA. October 2012.
  • Meeting in Miniature (MIM)
  • John Carroll University. Spring 2011.
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