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RAMPART wins the Society for Clinical Trials 2012 Trial of the Year Award

The Rapid Anticonvulsant Medication Prior to Arrival Trial (RAMPART, NCT00809146) study was honored to receive the 2012 Society for Clinical Trial’s “Trial of the Year” award.

Trial of the Year

To be eligible for this award, the randomized clinical trial must meet the following criteria:

  • improve the lot of humankind,
  • provide the basis for a substantial, beneficial change in health care,
  • reflect expertise in subject matter, excellence in methodology, and concern for study participants,
  • overcome obstacles in implementation, and
  • present its design, execution, and results in a model of clarity and intellectual soundness.
NEJM_RAMPART The RAMPART study was conducted through the Neurological Emergency Treatment Trial (NETT) network with the Data Coordination Unit, as the statistics and data management center, and in collaboration with the University of Michigan and the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke. The trial was designed to determine whether giving anti-seizure medicine intramuscularly works as well as when administered intravenously in the pre-hospital setting. The results of the study support the use of the faster and more practical intramuscular administration of seizure medication and will change the way seizing subjects are treated by paramedics in the field.

Silbergleit R, Durkalski V, Lowenstein D, Conwit R, Pancioli A, Palesch Y, Barsan W; NETT Investigators.
Intramuscular versus intravenous therapy for prehospital status epilepticus.
N Engl J Med. 2012 Feb 16;366(7):591-600. PubMed PMID: 22335736.

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