The statistical faculty in the Data Coordination Unit has diverse expertise in design and analysis methods applicable to clinical research, including adaptive designs using frequentist and Bayesian approaches, such as:
  • Response adaptive randomization scheme
  • Covariate adaptive randomization scheme
  • Group sequential design
  • Futility design
  • Non-inferiority design
  • Continuous reassessment method
Computer programming for statistical analysis are performed with current versions of SAS®, EAST®, and R® software packages.
The statistical team collaborates with the clinical investigators in the development of the protocol and grants.
  • Review literature and clinical background
  • Develop study design, including randomization scheme and sample size estimation
  • Develop and implement statistical analysis plan
  • Conduct simulations as necessary for modeling
  • Provide statistical monitoring of data quality
  • Generate statistical reports
  • Preparation and presentation of analyses for oral and poster abstracts
  • Contribute to and co-author manuscripts on the study design and results
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