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The diverse expertise of the faculty of Data Coordination Unit can provide statistical data analysis services for a wide variety of biomedical research. In conjunction with Collaborative Unit of Department of Public Health Sciences, the DCU assists researchers in collaborative development of study protocols and grants.

The majority of the computer programming is done using up-to-date SAS® software, S-Plus®, R®, EAST® and other statistical software.

  • Collaborative Development of Study Protocols and grants
    • Review of Literature and Clinical Background
    • Study Design Development
    • Definition of Study Objectives and Endpoints
    • Sample Size Determination and Power Estimation
    • Randomization Methods: Development of Randomization Scheme and Procedure
    • Statistical Analysis Methodologies
    • Programs for Customized Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Generation of Reports
    • Study Progress Reports
    • Data and Safety Monitoring Reports
    • FDA Statistical Reports
    • Programs to Generate Statistical Tables and Graphs
  • Collaborative Development of Oral and Poster Presentations
  • Collaborative Participation in Manuscript Preparation
  • Liaison to members of the Data and Safety Monitoring Committee
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