DCU provides state-of-the-art computer technology solutions in internet-based connectivity for clinical trial investigators and participants. DCU has kept innovating our system to allow for reliable and efficient data capture, transfer, and management by adopting several types of breakthrough computer technology.

DCU’s medical informatics capabilities include:

  • Information System Development for Clinical Research
  • Data Transfer and System Integration
  • Information System Infrasturcture

Information System Development for Clinical Research - WebDCU™
DCU has broad experience with designing and implementing biomedical/clinical information systems for single and multi center research studies. DCU has successfully developed more than 40 clinical trial information systems, which are equipped with cutting edge and secure computer technology. More Info about WebDCU™

Data Transfer and System Integration
The DCU has substantial experience in accepting, converting, and delivering data in the most commonly used formats, including SAS, STATA, Structured Query Language (SQL) Server, Access, Excel, and flat text file. Data files can be automatically transferred via a secure study website or secure FTP, as encryption methods allow for secure internet transfer. A complete data dictionary, listing of all data validation procedures (rules), and labels are included with data transfers for easy reference.

The DCU has successfully completed multiple system integrations by bringing legacy EDC systems, which were implemented by other institutions, into WebDCU™ system.

Information System Infrasturcture
All DCU server systems used in the management and storage of clinical trial data are maintained on site at the limited access offices of the MUSC Data Center, where safety issues such as virus, power cut-off, hardware failure, fire, flood, earthquake and theft are professionally addressed. The MUSC Data Center is manned by the operations staff 24x7.

The DCU has maintained fully networked and dedicated computing resources to provide a high performance and mission-critical system. The servers at DCU are configured to have high availability using virtualization, dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN), RAID 5/10 hard drive arrays, redundant components, alternative power sources and multiple backup systems under Citrix® XenServer and Microsoft® Windows Server 2008/2012 enterprise edition. This ensures the DCU runs the WebDCU™ system for large multi-center clinical research studies at all times with scalable system architecture and top performance.

The DCU also employs several layers of hardware/software firewalls in cooperation with MUSC OCIO to ensure system security. MUSC maintains firewall protection between the University and outside computer systems. The DCU maintains an additional firewall, anti-virus software, and commercial website failure detection services at server level because access is not limited to within MUSC.

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