WebDCU™ has a generic study material tracking module, allowing the activities of transferring study drug kits, devices, lab specimens, and images between institutions be centrally coordinated.

Study Drug/Device Tracking
Study drug/device kits are tracked among multiple participants, including manufacturers, central pharmacy, regional warehouses, and clinical site pharmacies. A study kit ID is generated to mask a treatment assignment throughout the pre-defined tracking steps (labeling, packing, shipping, and receiving).

The drug kit usage status (e.g., used by subjects, damaged or expired) and each site's inventory level are centrally monitored by WebDCU™. Shipping requests for study drug/device are automatically triggered when site inventory is below the pre-specified limit. Alert emails are triggered for the receiver when the shipping record is submitted. Each shipping and receiving step is tracked in the database to ensure accountability.

Specimen and Image Tracking
WebDCU™ tracks the collection/creation, transferring, processing and repository of lab specimens and medical images. An unique tracking ID is generated in order to keep the blindness of research investigators (e.g., potential identifiable information and time sequence). The central laboratories or central imaging readers can enter specimen/image processing result data into the WebDCU™ with the tracking ID.

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