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Valerie Durkalski, MPH, PhD Director DCU
Catherine Dillon, MS Associate Director DCU
Linda Hezekiah Administrative Coordinator I
Renee' Martin, MS, PhD Associate Director of Biostatistics
Sharon Yeatts, MS, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Jordan Elm, MS, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Christy Cassarly, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Sherry Livingston, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Akash Roy, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Jonathan Beall, PhD Senior Biostatistician
Qi (Angela) Pauls, MS Biostatistician
Lydia Foster, MS Biostatistician
Abeba Teklehaimanot, MS Biostatistician
James Ingles, MS Biostatistician
Grey Clevenger, MS Biostatistician
Anh Phan, MS Biostatistician
Henry Merryday Biostatistician
Bryce Wiley Biostatistician
Ian Rines Biostatistician
Jessica Griffin, MHA Associate Director of Trial Operations
Jocelyn Craven, MPH StrokeNet Program Manager
Sara Butler, BS SIREN Program Manager
Evan Tomaschek, RN, MPH Senior Data Management Director
Faria Khattak, MPH Senior Data Management Director
Patty Hutto, AS Data Management Director
Zeke Lowell, BS Data Management Director
Mariana Gould, MHA, MPH Data Management Director
Natalia Hayes, MPH Data Management Director
Elizabeth O'Donohue, BS Data Management Director
Susanna Steinmuller, MPH Data Management Director
Rebecca Harrison, MPH Data Management Director
Emily Kaestner, MPH Data Manager
Riley Luckmann, BS Data Manager
Aaron Perlmutter, MPH, MSW Senior Project Management Director
April Williams, BS Project Management Director
Katie Trosclair, MPH Project Management Director
Jama Olsen, MPA Project Management Director
Caitlin Schaffner, MPH Project Management Director
Abagail Ault, BA Project Manager
Wenle Zhao, PhD Associate Director of Information Systems
Keith Pauls, BS Assistant Director of Information Systems
Jean-Christopher Arnaud, BS IS Developer
Daniel Huang, MS IS Developer
Zachary Meyer, MS IS Developer
Chuck Guo, MS IS Developer
Zhuoming Yang, MS IS Developer
Giovanni Washington, AS IT Technician II
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