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Durkalski, Valerie, MPH, Ph.D. Director DCU
Palesch, Yuko, M.S., Ph.D. Co-Director DCU
Sullivan, Vanessa, A.D.S.S. Administrative Assistant
Martin, Renee', M.S., Ph.D. Associate Director of Biostatistics
Yeatts, Sharon, M.S., Ph.D. Senior Biostatistician
Elm, Jordan, M.S., Ph.D. Senior Biostatistician
Ellerbe, Caitlyn, Ph.D. Senior Biostatistician
Cassarly, Christy, M.S.,Ph.D. Senior Biostatistician
Pauls, Qi (Angela), M.S. Biostatistician
Foster, Lydia, M.S. Biostatistician
Gottfried, Michelle, M.S. Biostatistician
Teklehaimanot, Abeba, M.S. Biostatistician
Underwood, Ellen, M.S. Biostatistician
Ingles, James, Biostatistician
Dillon, Catherine, M.S. Associate Director of Data/Project Management
Thornhill, Andre, M.A. Data Manager
Patel, Kavita, B.S. Data Manager
Tomaschek, Evan, RN, MPH Data Manager
Riley, Jodie, B.A. Data Manager
Sirline, Logan, MPH Data Manager
Alford, Teldon, B.A. Data Manager
Khattak, Faria, MPH Data Manager
Anderson, Jocelyn, MPH Data Manager
Hutto, Patty, A.S. Data Manager
Butler, Sara, B.S. Data Manager
Clasen, Kristen, M. Ed., CCRP Project Manager
Griffin, Jessica, B.S. Project Manager
Appana, Srikala, MPH Project Manager
Williams, April, B.S. Project Manager
Zhao, Wenle, Ph.D. Associate Director of Information Systems
Pauls, Keith, Assistant Director of Information Systems
Kim, Jaemyung, MBA Senior Lead Developer
Arnaud, Jean-Christopher, IS Developer
Huang, Daniel, M.S. IS Developer
Meyer, Zachary, M.S. IS Developer
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