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The Data Coordination Unit (DCU), housed within the Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS) at the Medical University of South Carolina, specializes in providing assistance with the design of clinical trials and analysis of their data and in establishing, implementing and maintaining data and project management systems for multicenter clinical trials.

The DCU is highly experienced with the design and conduct of Phase I through III trials in a variety of therapeutic areas including neurology, digestive diseases, psychiatry, and diabetes, as well as trials conducted under FDA Investigational New Drug/New Device applications. All trial management activities are conducted using the DCU’s internally developed Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) referred to as the WebDCU™ system.

The WebDCU™ offers a full collection of web-enabled modules for central randomization, protocol and site management (e.g., drug accounting and shipping, automated SAE reporting, regulatory document tracking), study monitoring, safety reporting, data entry and validation, and report generation. The system provides a web-based collaborative environment for study team members across all participating clinical sites and provides all the required tools for site coordination and data management in one efficient and easy to use system.

The mission of the DCU is to promote and enable collaborative biomedical research within and outside of MUSC by providing the necessary infrastructure and support to collect, process, and manage research data in compliance with Good Clinical Practice Guidelines. The Unit began its tenth year on May 1, 2013 and is currently running several clinical research studies, most of which are NIH-funded, multicenter clinical trials involving over 100 academic institutions (including MUSC) in North America as well as international institutions throughout Europe, Australia and ASIA. Please view our website for more information about the projects we work on and our team members.
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