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Timely payment to sites for delivered goods is critical for trial morale and optimal enrollment rates. Equally important is ensuring that the site has fulfilled their obligations prior to payment. The WebDCU™ system balances these two needs through the Finantial Management Module.

Subject Payment Management
Subject payment records are posted at the time of subject enrollment. Conditions for each payment are defined in the WebDCU™ system based on study visit completeness, CRF submission status, query response status, and reason for study termination. Payment readiness is evaluated based on subject’s study data that has been entered into the system. Financial managers can access real-time reports indicating which subjects are ready to be paid. All payments are recorded in the database with detailed information on site, subject, payment amount, payment date, etc. This allows both the sites and financial managers to easily manage and track the status of payments for each enrolled subject.

Site Payment Management
Initial or periodical site payment records are posted when all conditions are met (e.g., all regulatory documents are accepted and minimal site performance conditions are satisfied). The site payment management function allows project managers to manage and track the site payment status.

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